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The mission of Korean Adoptees in Australia Network (KAIAN, Inc) is to be a resource for adult Korean adoptees in Australia by providing information, raising awareness, and building a supportive community.


KAIAN was founded to connect adult Korean adoptees in Australia with each other, the international Korean adoptee community, and the larger Korean Australian community. Through educational, cultural, and social events and programs, we seek to foster networks amongst our members, families, friends, and extended circles. KAIAN seeks to empower the voices of Australian Korean adoptees, whilst sharing the unique experiences of intercountry adoption throughout Australian society.



Hana was born in Jeonju and adopted from Korea at the age of three. She returned to Korea in 2010 as a participant on the GOA’L First Trip Home program and has visited regularly since then to visit her Korean family and engage with the adoptee community in Seoul. Based in Melbourne, Hana has worked with adoption-related organisations including KAF Han-Ho, PCA Families, and VANISH. She is passionate about connecting the Australian Korean adoptee community with each other and the larger international community. Hana is a classically trained singer and is currently studying Psychology at the University of Melbourne.


Carly was born in Changnyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do, and was adopted from Korea at four months of age. She grew up in Perth with her older sister, also a Korean adoptee, and younger brother. Through participating in the GOA’L First Trip Home program, Carly reunited with her Korean parents and siblings in 2013 and formed connections with others in the Australian and international Korean adoptee community. Carly is passionate about providing support, information, and resources to other adoptees across different stages of identification and birth family search. She currently lives in Brisbane and works as a clinical psychologist in the areas of anxiety and trauma.


Amy was born in Busan and adopted at four months of age. In 2013 she returned to Korea for the first time to reunite with her Korean family. Since the reunion, Amy has become regularly involved in activities of the Melbourne branch of KAIAN, and has contributed to the DHS Parent Education Program, and the VANISH Strategic Plan. Amy is currently studying Psychology at Swinburne University, with an interest in trauma and mental health. She is also currently working in mental health research at University of Melbourne.


Ra is a Melbourne-based actress who was adopted from Korea at the age of four. She has returned to Korea on several occasions, both with her Australian family and in later years, for homeland and cultural programs as well as to visit her birth father. Ra has worked on various Australian television programs, trains in martial arts and also loves teaching kids and teens at AIM Academy. Ra has enjoyed meeting and working with adoptees, families and supports people through PCA Families, PASS at RASA and KAF Han-Ho. Connecting with other adoptees is important to Ra and she would like to see the community grow stronger and create awareness of the issues adoptees face in our society, and on a global scale.


Kiri was born in Seoul and was adopted at six months of age. During the early 90s she was connected with Seat Byol Korean School Inc, attending their Sunday sessions and summer camps. After watching the popular Netflix documentary ‘Twinters’,she found out about IKAA and attended the 2016 IKAA Gathering in Seoul. Kiri currently lives in Sydney and works for a global digital and social marketing platform. Kiri wants to connect and grow the adoptee network in Australia and help share the Korean culture as she learns and discovers her roots.


Tim was born in Pyeongtaek and was adopted at four months of age. He was connected with Saet Byeol from an early age. In 2005, he went on a motherland tour and also met his foster father. He was a part of the NIIED 2010 Korean Government Invitational Program for Overseas Koreans. He returned to study Korean and learn culture in 2011 at Seoul National University while living in INKAS Woorijip. He also taught English for two years as an EPIK teacher. Tim would like to see more support for Korean adoptees and more of a community presence in Australia. Tim studied a Bachelor of Information Technology at the University of Wollongong and has worked in the hospitality industry as well as education.


Pia was born in Seoul and adopted from Korea at four months of age. After attending the 2007 IKAA Gathering in Seoul, Pia created the Korean Adoptees in Australia Facebook group. She continues to be an active member of the adult intercountry adoptee community and looks forward to connecting with other adoptees through KAiAN. Pia holds a Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Mandarin) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Public Relations) from Curtin University. In her younger years, she was a member of the Australian National Rhythmic Gymnastics squad and had a career in musical theatre, dance and television. Pia is currently exploring the world of Korean skincare which you can read about at www.lifeofpia.com

Photography by Jarni Blakkarly

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